Selling Your Jewelry Or Electronics: Tips For Getting Top Dollar For Hot Ticket Items

3 June 2015
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From those massive HDTVs many regret purchasing to diamond rings and tennis bracelets that don't work with any of your clothing, according to Eve Tahmincioglu, a contributor to NBC News, there are many hot ticket items being sold to pawn shops across America. If you're strapped for cash and are considering parting with any of these highly sought after items, don't start packing them in your car just yet. Here are a few tips to help you get the most money several hot items at the pawn shop:

Selling Your Jewelry For Top Dollar

Whether you're selling your grandmother's antique broach or a modern engagement ring at a place like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins, it's vital to know exactly how to get the most cash for all types of jewelry. Researching the particular time period, style, gem and metal that are unique to your piece is important, but it's also just as vital to follow these simple tips:

  • Don't rely on a family history and instead, have the piece appraised by a professional. If you believe, or at least have been told, the jewelry is worth big bucks, it's worth having it looked at by a professional. However, if you're only looking to score enough to pay this month's rent, it probably isn't worth the expense.

  • Clean the jewelry – but be careful with your technique. For example, diamond is strong enough to withstand just about any type of cleaning product, but the gold band the gem is attached to will scratch if an abrasive product is used. Research how to clean your jewelry, or take it to a professional.

  • Set a fair price, and don't walk away with less than you think the jewelry is worth. Knowing your stuff, and letting the buyer know you've done your homework, will let them see you're serious about getting a great price.

Parting With Your Electronics For the Most Cash

According to a report published by the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American spends around $1200 a year on electronics. If you're a gadget junkie, and all those high tech goodies are starting to clutter up your home, you might be considering selling them at a local pawn shop.

Here are a few tips to help you get top dollar for your gadgets:

  • Gather up as many as accessories as you can and bring them along. For example, a remote and a HDMI cord for a television can help you secure the most money. If you're selling an MP3 player, pay attention that the original charging cord is with. Don't hesitate to bring along the original manual or any other extras that the buyer will find attractive – such as a pair of headphone or a case.

  • Give the gadget a quick cleaning – but make sure you use the right product. For example, it's best to use a lint free cloth to clean the screen of a smartphone or television.

  • Power tools are another hot item at many pawn shops, but before you attempt to sell yours, make sure to give them a little tune-up. Clean the tool, grease any moving parts and most importantly, make sure any accessories or carrying cases are also present and in great shape.

Finally, before you consider selling any type of gadget or piece of technology, do a quick walk through of the pawn shop. If there are already several dozen televisions or stereos on the shelves, chances are the buyer won't give you as much money for your item simply because they're not in demand.

Selling or taking a loan out against your electronics, jewelry or any item of value at a pawn shop is a simple and quick way to make a few extra bucks. Just make sure the item is clean, in-demand and most importantly, is in proper working order!