What to Get Yor Girlfriend If She's a Die-Hard Tennis Fan

30 March 2017
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If your girlfriend is really into tennis, and you are wondering about what type of gift to get her, then an obvious idea is to incorporate her love of tennis. Below are three cool suggestions.

Tickets to a Big Tennis Match

If you are looking to take a vacation and really want to impress her, you might try and line up tickets to NYC around the US Open. It's one of the worlds most prestigious tennis tournaments. The US Open is held in Flushing Meadows (Queens, NYC) every summer (end of August into early September). You can get a nice hotel in Midtown and then take the train into Queens and see the match. It's a good idea to line up the tickets in advance and not try and get them at the door.

Of course, you don't have to travel to NYC to see a tennis tournament. There are events all around the country. Major tournaments include the Miami Open and the Winston Salem Open. The bigger the prize pool, the more likely it is to attract the big name tennis stars that your girlfriend is a fan of.

Tennis Apparel for the Player

If your girlfriend actually likes to hit the court and play tennis, then you should consider getting her some new apparel. You don't want to get her a tennis racket because these are very individualistic items (she needs to pick that out herself, and it's a major decision). But what you could do is pick out some fun new tennis skirts or tops. Pick stuff from nice sports brands or even some designer stuff that she might not normally spend the money on. She can always exchange it if she isn't crazy about the color.

Tennis Racket Earnings for the Fashionista

If your girlfriend loves jewelry, then a perfect gift would be a pair of tennis racket earrings. You can get them in a variety of designs. Some of them are small studs that are made of silver or gold and shaped into the image of a pair of crossed tennis rackets. There are also variations that are more dangle style, so when she is moving around, the earrings will swing and give the impression of the rackets swishing around in the air. You can also get racket designs that incorporate a small jewel to represent the tennis ball. To browse earrings, check out retailers like Studio Margaret.