The Five Basic Components Of A Mala Necklace

11 July 2017
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There is meaning behind each component that makes up a mala necklace. It's important to know what these meanings are to ensure that you purchase a mala necklace, such as from Lovepray Jewelry, that has all of these components. It's also going to help you choose a mala necklace that you are happiest with. Here are the five basic components to know:

  1. The Tassel: The tassel at the bottom of the necklace is representative of the connection between yourself and the divine. It is what holds the whole mala necklace together and is also representative of enlightenment since it connects every other meaningful component of the necklace.
  2. The Knots: Between each bead, there should be a knot so that the beads do not touch one another. The reason this is important is because when you wear your mala necklace during meditation, you do not want any sound of the beads hitting one another so that you do not become distracted. The deeper meaning is that the beads represent the separation of yourself and all distractions in your life. 
  3. The Guru Bead: The guru bead, right at the top of the tassel is what represents the God or teacher. It is the most respected bead and should never be crossed over during meditation. This represents that the God or divine is beyond yourself. 
  4. The Spacer Beads: The spacer beads help ground you to bring you back to your meditation focus. Since the spacer beads are larger, when you cross over it during meditation, it brings your focus back to your practice because it catches you. If you find that you need more reminders to stay focused, then you can choose a mala necklace that uses more spacer beads. 
  5. The Thread: Finally, even the thread that is used is also important. It represents the bond with the Universe since it holds everything together, which also means it represents that everything in the Universe is connected, so you too should be connected to it. 

When you know the five basic components of a mala necklace, you can be sure that you choose a necklace that is going to work best for you and your practice. They are all made differently with a different number of spacer beads and colors. They should simply have the five basic components and you should ensure that it is a necklace that is going to help you during your meditation and not become too distracting.