How To Purchase Vintage Jewelry In An Effective, Stress-Free Manner

9 November 2017
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Vintage jewelry is a bit different than traditional jewelry, as it has added character and tells a story. The act of finding such pieces is also an exciting process, as you get to attend so many garage sells and browse unique shops. If you're looking to become a vintage jewelry buyer, consider these tips. 

Invest in a Loupe

Whether you buy jewelry online or in person, you'll want to invest in a loupe. This magnifying tool gives you a closer look at jewelry without having to squint and hurt your eyes. You'll want to have these close-up shots before buying, so that you can make sure the pieces are authentic and exactly what you want. 

If after closer inspection you realize the piece is damaged or missing a few diamonds, you can walk away with zero regrets. A lot of times you can find loupes already in the store. Just ask a sales associate to use one, so that you can become an informed buyer. 

Buy From a Reputable Seller

If you're spending a lot of money on vintage jewelry, you expect it to be authentic. You get what you pay for as long as the dealer is reputable. There are plenty of online reviews you can access, featuring customers' first-hand experiences with the jewelry. Investigate their satisfaction levels as far as the jewelry selection, aesthetics, and price. 

Buying jewelry online may seem like a lottery game, but you can get quality pieces if you ask the right questions. Also make sure pictures are included with every piece, and see if there is some sort of return policy. Places that claim all sales are final may not be your first stop when making such a large financial decision. 

Be Aware of Fakes 

Unfortunately in the jewelry industry, there are people who try to pass off fake jewelry as vintage and valuable. You can counteract these measures through research and document verification. Legitimate pieces will have some type of letter of authentication. 

It's also paramount to know about the different time periods when jewelry was made. So if you notice a common characteristic shared by jewelry made during the 1600s or 21st centur, you know roughly how old that piece is.

Buying antique or vintage jewelry may seem like a complex process. It can be, but you'll set yourself up for success by becoming an informed buyer and buying from the right places.