Tips For Designing A Custom Wedding Ring You Will Love For Decades

29 May 2019
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If you haven't found a wedding ring you love or if you simply want to design a custom ring that's different than everyone else's, then it's important to set a reasonable budget and then follow each of these tips.

Tip: Plan for a Longer Timeframe When Purchasing a Custom-Designed Ring

Custom rings can take quite a while to design and make. While you can pick up a premade ring in a single day, you need to allow for a much longer time to design and create your ring. The process often requires multiple steps and you will feel a lot less frustrated if you understand going into the project that it will likely take a while. However, the wait is worth it because, in the end, you will get a ring you will love for decades to come!

Tip: Consider Your Lifestyle Before Getting Your Heart Set on a Specific Wedding Ring Design

Since you will be wearing your new wedding ring every day, it's vital you consider your lifestyle before getting your heart set on a specific design. This is important for keeping your hands comfortable and it's also important to avoid designing a ring that will be damaged.

For example, if you work in a position where you use your hands a lot, then a ring designed to stick up high off of your finger will get in the way and can be easily damaged. If your work or hobbies require you to use your hands frequently, then a low-profile ring is a better choice.

Tip: Decide on the Materials and Stones You Want to Use

One of the most important design aspects for your new wedding ring is the materials you choose to have it made out of. For example, do you want a more traditional yellow gold with diamonds, or do you want something that stands out from the pack, such as platinum with a beautiful colored stone? The look of each option is very different, so this is an important thing to carefully consider.

Tip: Look at the Previous Custom Design Work of Jewelers

As with other artists, jewelers each have their own design styles. For this reason, it's important you take a jeweler's design style into account before choosing the jeweler to work with on your custom wedding ring design project. To do so, look at their portfolio of past work and choose a jeweler with a design style that fits well with the results you want to achieve.

For more information on creating custom jewelry, talk to a local jeweler today.