Leaf-Inspired Pieces of Jewelry to Wear

16 September 2019
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One of the fun things about browsing at your local jewelry store is that if you have an affinity for a certain look, you can often find this look represented in various styles of jewelry. One example is a leaf—some people love the look of leaves, perhaps because of the natural beauty that they provide the landscape. If you're a leaf lover and are interested in finding jewelry that is modeled after leaves, you won't have to search too far.

Many jewelry stores have a broad selection of leaf-inspired jewelry pieces that may interest you. Here are some different options to check out.

Leaf Ring

Lots of jewelry stores carry various types of rings that have leaf elements on them. Whether you're looking for something subtle, such as a standard ring in the shape of a leaf, or something that's a little more creative, you'll be able to find it. For example, some stores carry leaf rings that stretch across two fingers, perhaps mimicking the look of a branch that spans your finger and has a number of leaves attached to it. You can find leaf rings with diamonds and cubic zirconia, as well as with a variety of other materials.

Leaf Necklace

Another option to consider if you love the look of leaves and want to find appropriate jewelry is a leaf necklace. This is a popular theme for this type of jewelry, and many of these necklaces are in the pendant style. For example, the necklace will consist of a thin chain with a metal leaf hanging vertically. Some leaf necklaces are flashy, with different gemstones in them, while some are large and easily noticeable. If you're more in favor of subtle jewelry, you may want to choose a piece with a small and delicate leaf.

Leaf Earrings

Many jewelry stores carry selections of leaf earrings, too, so you can browse the products that are available and find a design that suits your sense of style. If you're looking for something subtle and that you can wear every day, stud-style earrings with small leaf shapes can be a good choice. Another option is a pair of earrings that look like large leaves and that dangle well below your lobes. This option is suitable for getting dressed up for a formal event. If your jewelry store doesn't have many leaf jewelry pieces on display, it may be able to order some for you.