4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Wedding Bands

1 December 2020
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Wedding bands are an ideal way for married individuals to show others that they are married without the need of making formal announcements. Some couples may choose not to get wedding bands for personal reasons, but affordability should not sway individuals from getting wedding bands if they want them. There are a number of factors that can impact the price of wedding bands. The following points represent some things that all couples need to keep in mind when choosing wedding bands

Material Type

Traditionally, metal has been the chosen material for wedding bands. There are a variety of metals to choose from. If an engagement ring is given, some couples might choose to get their bands in the same metal as the engagement ring. Today, there are other material options, such as wood, that can be integrated into the design of the bands. This does not necessarily mean that couples have to get their rings customized with wood. Some retailers have wood and other materials, like marble, in their stock of band options. 


There are many options to explore when it comes to the color of modern wedding bands. There are options for colored materials and stained materials. There are also different colors for metals. For example, individuals who want gold bands can choose from rose, white, or yellow gold. It is also possible to use more than one type of metal. If cost is a concern and a couple likes the look of platinum, they could consider using white gold. 


Some couples may want to have stones in their wedding bands. However, stoneless bands are common and have been the norm for many years. There are a variety of stone options, and stones can also be extracted from existing jewelry, like family heirlooms. Authentic stones and manmade stones, such as cubic zirconia, can be chosen for this band accentuation.


Couples can get inscriptions in their wedding bands to declare or symbolize whatever they choose. Some might want to include a religious connotation. Simple statements are also common options. The inscription may also be memorable, like the wedding date, leaving no room to ever forget this special life event. 

A jewelry store is a good resource to use to discuss and compare wedding bands. If you have preferences that are not available, you can choose to inquire about custom bands. These can be designed according to your specific requests. Some couples favor this option because it means that they can have unique sets of rings.