5 Things Your Wedding Day Earrings Should Complement

19 March 2021
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Diamond earrings are a beautiful and timeless choice for any bride. But what type of diamond earrings should you choose for your big day? To help you make this call, here are a few key things your earrings should complement. 

1. Complement Your Neckline

Most wedding jewelry uses the gown's neckline as a basis for styling. A sweetheart neckline, for instance, is often paired with a statement necklace. That, though, may clash with large statement earrings, as these would compete for attention. On the other hand, gowns with asymmetrical necklnes are often worn without a necklace. In this case, long drop diamond earrings would be the perfect accessory. 

2. Complement Your Dress Shade

Wedding dresses come in a wide range of hues and shades, which often work best with different colors of metals and shades of diamonds. if you will wear a bright white dress, platinum or silver earrings are a good color combination. Cream or ivory dresses, on the other hand, look great with gold and rose gold metals. Similarly, diamonds have different colorations, so match them against your dress before buying. 

3. Complement Your Wedding Rings

One good rule of thumb to make earring choice easier is to match them with your engagement and wedding rings. Complement the two in terms of diamond cut and shape, color, metals, and setting styles. If you have a halo setting on your ring, opt for a halo style on your earrings. The result will look like a unified set. 

4. Complement Your Outfit's Complexity

Along with its color, the complexity of your dress — and your overall finished outfit — should inform how the earrings look. A highly embellished bodice is an eye-catcher, so you may want to use simple earrings as a contrast. Similarly, a beautiful tiara or headband could be diminished if attention is also drawn to the nearby earrings. Use earrings to create or reduce focal points. 

5. Complement Your Style

Most brides want to dress up for their wedding, but this can result in choosing jewelry that doesn't necessarily fit their style. If you opt for things that don't make you personally happy, you won't enjoy wearing them and you won't want to wear them again. So if you're not one for fancy drop diamond earrings, it's okay to choose a simple style. This day, after all, is about you. 

Where to Get More Tips

Want to know more about pairing earrings with your wedding day look? If so, start by consulting with a jeweler in your area who specializes in wedding styles. They will help you find just the right earrings to provide the perfect finishing touch no matter what your plans are.