Preservation And Repair Techniques For An Antique Jewelry Collection

10 May 2022
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Preservation and repair techniques can be used to restore vintage earrings and pendants that you may have inherited. A combination of techniques that you perform and antique jewelry services that are offered by a jeweler can increase the value of each piece that is part of your jewelry collection.

Clean And Polish The Pieces

Cleaning and polishing metal, stones, and settings will increase the brilliance of each piece. An ultrasonic cleaner is an electrical device that uses a combination of ultrasound waves and chemicals. The combination of the waves and chemicals will remove tarnish, dirt, and old polish from your jewelry. This type of cleaning process can be conducted easily and will generally only take a few minutes to complete.

After each piece of jewelry is removed from the machine, a protective polish compound that is designed to deter oxidation and corrosion should be applied evenly across each part of an earring or pendant. Protective polishes will dry quickly and form a seal on metal surfaces.

Seek Professional Services

A jeweler who provides restorative services can inspect, appraise, and repair jewelry. Some professionals may use techniques to restore and/or modify jewelry pieces. Upon receiving an appraisal, you can make an informed decision concerning whether you would like the jewelry pieces to be restored to their original status or modified somewhat. A plating process can be conducted to recoat exposed metal.

A welding process can be used to repair broken or weak metal components. Gemstones and diamonds can be remounted or replaced in their entirety. If it won't be cost-effective to have an intricate piece restored to its original condition, inquire about repurposing the piece. Repurposing is a great way to breathe new life into a piece of jewelry without compromising its quality.

For instance, if you own a pendant that is attached to a chain that is severely damaged, you may choose to purchase a less expensive chain style. You will still be able to appreciate the beauty of the pendant, without needing to invest a lot of money.

A professional jeweler may sell products that will support the preservation of your jewelry. A product lineup may include jewelry boxes, pouches, watch batteries, and sealants. Keeping your jewelry within a sealed container or bag will prevent delicate metal materials from becoming scratched or tarnished. A quality storage box or bag will contain insulated fabric that will cushion each piece of jewelry that you own.