Care For Your Jewelry: Signs Your Jewelry Needs Repairs

10 October 2022
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If you have jewelry, you need to protect your investment. One way to do that is to have your jewelry cleaned several times a year. Another way is to inspect your jewelry on a regular basis. Inspecting your jewelry will help you identify problems. When you do find problems with your jewelry, you need to schedule repairs as soon as possible. Read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, take your jewelry in for repairs right away. 

Rings No Longer Fit Right

If your rings no longer fit right, you might think you need to stop wearing them. Luckily, that's not the case. A jeweler can make adjustments that will allow you to wear your rings again. This is especially beneficial if your rings are too big now. Rings that are too big can fall off your fingers. If that happens, you might never find them again. Avoid the risk. Take your rings in for resizing as soon as possible. 

Ring Band Is Misshapen

If you've been a bit rough with your rings, the bands might have gotten misshapen. Once bands get misshapen, it can be next to impossible to wear the rings. You might not realize this, but a jeweler can restore the shape of the bands. That way, you can continue to wear your rings. But, you can also restore the value of your rings. 

Gemstones Are Loose

If your jewelry contains gemstones, you need to keep up with the inspections. If the prongs wear out, you can lose your gemstones. This can also happen if the prongs get damaged. Unfortunately, lost gemstones can be difficult to find. If you see damaged prongs, or your gemstones are loose, take your jewelry in for repairs right away. If you do lose a gemstone, talk to your jeweler. In most cases, your jeweler can repair the prongs and replace the lost gemstone. 

Clasps Are Broken

If you want to protect your jewelry, be sure to pay attention to the clasps. It's not uncommon for clasps to break, especially when jewelry pieces get worn on a daily basis. If your necklaces and bracelets have broken clasps, you don't need to stop wearing the pieces. Stop by a local jeweler to have the clasps repaired. 

Don't stop enjoying your jewelry. If your jewelry has gotten damaged, a jeweler can take care of the repairs for you. 

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