Glass Art Jewelry: Advice When Working With A Glass Artist To Make A Custom Piece

20 December 2022
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If you like glass art jewelry, you may eventually want to have a piece custom-made by an artist who deals with these projects all the time. They can do some incredible things. You just need to perform these actions as the client in this relationship to get a beautiful jewelry piece at the end.

See What the Artist Currently Has For Sale

You may want a custom jewelry piece made out of glass, but before you start ironing out some specifics, you might first look at your artist's current jewelry pieces that they have for sale. You can get a better sense of the type of work they produce on a consistent basis.

Maybe they like certain colors, patterns, or shapes for their glass art jewelry. Once you feel like you have a firm grasp of the type of work they can complete, you'll know what directions to go in with your own custom jewelry piece. 

Find an Artist Who Works Primarily With Glass

When it comes to making jewelry made out of glass, experience is a plus. After all, glass is a particularly unique material that has to be treated a specific way in order to turn out great in the end.

As such, look to see which artists have ample experience working with glass materials primarily. You can review their current inventory to get a better sense of this. Then you can make an artist selection you feel can bring forth a unique jewelry piece on a time schedule that works for you.

Shop by Genre

If you're a little overwhelmed by the number of directions you can go in with art glass jewelry, then you might just want to shop by genre. The artist you work with should have different options to choose from, such as contemporary, traditional, aquatic, and rustic jewelry genres.

By narrowing your focus to a single style, you'll have an easier time finding a specific art piece that displays glass in a beautiful manner. You may just need to review examples of different jewelry genres to see what you like the best.

If you want to wear some unique jewelry for a special event, then glass art jewelry is a great investment. These pieces feature glass materials in elegant ways. As long as you find an artist you trust, tell them what you want, and then remain open to suggestions, this custom piece can turn out great. 

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