3 Things You Need To Understand When Buying Gold

6 February 2019
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When you purchase gold, you need to understand what you are actually purchasing. When you purchase jewelry, you will see terms such as "solid gold," "gold filled," and "gold plated." These three terms mean three different things, and it is important to understand what you are getting when you purchase jewelry. #1 Solid Gold As far as long-term value, solid gold is the way to go. Something that is solid gold is made entirely out of gold, through and through. Read More 

What Factors Into A Jewelry Appraisal

21 November 2018
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When taking an item for jewelry appraisal services, it can seem difficult to understand why the appraiser might give you a particular valuation for the item. If you're curious about how a professional arrives at a specific number, it's good to learn about these different factors. The 4 C's Of the jewelry appraisal concepts that the general public is most likely to be familiar with, the 4 C's are probably at the top. Read More 

Non-Diamond Stones To Use In Your Custom Engagement Ring

28 July 2018
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Diamonds might be marketed as a girl's best friend, but some people want nothing to do with them for their custom engagement ring. Whether that's due to ethical objections, money, or simply preference, you don't have to worry if you're looking for a few ideas for a non-diamond stone to use in your ring — because here are three great options right at your fingertips. Birthstone Every month has a birthstone, and the chances are good that you probably know yours — January is garnet, July is Ruby, and on and on. Read More 

How To Purchase Vintage Jewelry In An Effective, Stress-Free Manner

9 November 2017
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Vintage jewelry is a bit different than traditional jewelry, as it has added character and tells a story. The act of finding such pieces is also an exciting process, as you get to attend so many garage sells and browse unique shops. If you're looking to become a vintage jewelry buyer, consider these tips.  Invest in a Loupe Whether you buy jewelry online or in person, you'll want to invest in a loupe. Read More 

The Five Basic Components Of A Mala Necklace

11 July 2017
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There is meaning behind each component that makes up a mala necklace. It's important to know what these meanings are to ensure that you purchase a mala necklace, such as from Lovepray Jewelry, that has all of these components. It's also going to help you choose a mala necklace that you are happiest with. Here are the five basic components to know: The Tassel: The tassel at the bottom of the necklace is representative of the connection between yourself and the divine. Read More