Should You Design Your Own Engagement Rings Online?

22 October 2021
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You can design your own engagement rings online, which is a great way to take your time in making an engagement ring you or your loved one will love for life. While you can go to an online site to design your own engagement rings, sometimes people are better off going to a jeweler in person to have this done instead. Should you design your engagement ring on your own online? Read More 

Shopping For A Black Hills Gold Ring? Here’s What You Should Know

30 June 2021
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Shopping for a Black Hills gold ring comes with a feeling of excitement but also some anxiety. You eagerly anticipate owning the beautiful piece but also worry about the tedious process to find the perfect piece easily. Black Hills gold is timeless jewelry with many ending up in family heirlooms because of their beauty and uniqueness. To buy the perfect gold ring, read on to find out more about this type of gold jewelry. Read More 

5 Things Your Wedding Day Earrings Should Complement

19 March 2021
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Diamond earrings are a beautiful and timeless choice for any bride. But what type of diamond earrings should you choose for your big day? To help you make this call, here are a few key things your earrings should complement.  1. Complement Your Neckline Most wedding jewelry uses the gown's neckline as a basis for styling. A sweetheart neckline, for instance, is often paired with a statement necklace. That, though, may clash with large statement earrings, as these would compete for attention. Read More