How To Purchase Vintage Jewelry In An Effective, Stress-Free Manner

9 November 2017
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Vintage jewelry is a bit different than traditional jewelry, as it has added character and tells a story. The act of finding such pieces is also an exciting process, as you get to attend so many garage sells and browse unique shops. If you're looking to become a vintage jewelry buyer, consider these tips.  Invest in a Loupe Whether you buy jewelry online or in person, you'll want to invest in a loupe. Read More 

The Five Basic Components Of A Mala Necklace

11 July 2017
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There is meaning behind each component that makes up a mala necklace. It's important to know what these meanings are to ensure that you purchase a mala necklace, such as from Lovepray Jewelry, that has all of these components. It's also going to help you choose a mala necklace that you are happiest with. Here are the five basic components to know: The Tassel: The tassel at the bottom of the necklace is representative of the connection between yourself and the divine. Read More 

What to Get Yor Girlfriend If She’s a Die-Hard Tennis Fan

30 March 2017
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If your girlfriend is really into tennis, and you are wondering about what type of gift to get her, then an obvious idea is to incorporate her love of tennis. Below are three cool suggestions. Tickets to a Big Tennis Match If you are looking to take a vacation and really want to impress her, you might try and line up tickets to NYC around the US Open. It's one of the worlds most prestigious tennis tournaments. Read More